Fund This: Low Budget Ethnic Movie

The awesome title alone gets me on board

Here's an interesting independent film project that could use your support... Honestly, the awesome title alone gets me on board: Low Budget Ethnic Movie. Written and directed by Daniel Yoon, and featuring a sprawling, diverse cast (naturally), the film is described as "a genre mashup film about love, success, and spiritual beliefs featuring non-threatening people of color in life-affirming situations." You gotta be at least a little bit curious.

Here's the pitch video with more information about the project:

Here's some more informationabout the film:
Low Budget Ethnic Movie is a comedy about the pressure to feel like your life is successful, happy, and special. The film follows several unmarried professionals in the San Francisco Bay Area who grew up believing they could do anything, and that an ordinary life was basically a meaningless life. But now in their thirties and early forties, as they strive in their careers, in love, financially, socially, they’re just starting to realize they’re failing.

Sara copes by practicing mindfulness, Stuart with video games, Tim with pot, and Vivanti by being a minor celebrity guru. Jack, whose main talent is making exuberant but tasteless home movies, deplores the fact that he’s failed his immigrant parents. But he feels that frantically trying to be successful at this point would be deeply cynical, and so with Vivanti’s guidance he vigorously pursues spirituality as a face-saving solution, and in the process unexpectedly throws the others' lives into upheaval.
The title I love so much is a cheeky play on how films with non-white lead actors are usually perceived as being "about" race even when they're not. The folks behind Low Budget Ethnic Movie say their movie is not primarily about race, but it does comment on it in what they hope is "a roundabout and organic way."

I'm willing to give it a shot. The film is apparently 90% shot and edited, and they're raising funds to get it finished. The goal is to raise $20,000 by January 25. Can you help them get this thing made? For further information about Low Budget Ethnic Movie, and to back the project, check out the Kickstarter campaign.

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