So you didn't get a snow day. Respond with racism and sexism.

Stay classy, University of Illinois.

This is the email that set off a Twitter tide of racist, misogynist bullshit.

I hate cold weather. I admit, being a west coast kid, I can't relate much to polar vortexes and snow days as of late. However, my college days did see their share of Midwest winters. And man, they suck. But that's neither here nor there. I say this as a fellow human being: grow the fuck up, University of Illinois.

After Being Denied A Snow Day, University Of Illinois Students Respond With Racism And Sexism

I'm speaking specifically to the asshole students at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign who participated in the Twitter hashtag "#FuckPhyllis." On Sunday night, University Chancellor Phyllis Wise emailed the student body saying in spite of the weather forecast, school would be in session on Monday.

Some students, suddenly shocked that the college they chose to attend is subject to shitty weather, were compelled to take to Twitter and bellyache about the fact that they had to go to school. You know, like students. The complaining quickly devolved into racist and sexist hate directed at Chancellor Wise.

It got ugly fast.

Seriously. No snow day. This has to be the stupidest excuse for anyone to fly their hate flag. You know that the chancellor would not be subject to this kind of bullshit if Phyllis Wise was not an Asian American woman.

Stay class, U of I. May your shitty tweets follow you forever. Next time, just stay home.

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