Students chant racist taunts at Indian basketball player

"We want Slurpees"

Oh hell no. Thumbs down to the group of asshole students at a recent New York high school basketball game who chanted "We want Slurpees" while a player of Indian descent shot free throws. That's racist.

High School Students Chant "We Want Slurpees" At Indian Basketball Player

During a basketball game between Brighton and Pittsford Sutherland high schools last Friday, a group of Pittsford fans started chanting at a Brighton descent of Indian student as he took a shot at the free-throw line. The taunt, of course, refers to the stereotype of Indians running 7-11 stores.

The incident was caught and video reported by the local news:

The superintendents of Brighton and Pittsford released a joint statement regarding the incident:
"We were very disappointed to learn of this incident. We have been working with our colleagues in both districts throughout the weekend to address intolerant and unacceptable fan behavior. That work continues today. The students involved took full responsibility for their behavior, and attempts are being made to right this wrong between the students and to address the long- term learning that can arise from the disappointing behaviors of a few.

Kevin McGowan , Ed.D., Superintendent , Brighton Central Schools
Mike Pero, Superintendent, Pittsford Schools"
The Pittsford student who started the chant was reportedly removed from the game, and is no longer the leader of the school-sanctioned "Super Fan" fan club. He has apparently apologized to the subject of the taunt. It's all fun and games until you realize, oh yeah, this shit is racist.

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