There's something different about Mindy Kaling's Elle cover

Mindy looks awesome, but she gets a significantly different look than her fellow cover gals

So cool to see actor/writer/producer Mindy Kaling looking hot and gracing the cover of Elle -- one of four covers featuring television's brightest female stars. She looks awesome... until you realize she didn't quite receive the same layout treatment as fellow cover gals Amy Poehler, Allison Williams and Zooey Deschanel.

Mindy Kaling's Elle Cover Looks Different Than the Others

Mindy -- the lone woman of color -- gets the black and white, up-close and cropped cover image, while Poehler, Williams and Deschanel all pretty much get the full-color body shot. What's up with that?

Maybe it's a simple coincidence. Maybe Elle editors didn't know what to do with Kaling's size 8 figure and browner-than-white complexion. Maybe they thought nobody would notice. Whatever the reason, it's a fairly significant case of one-of-these-things-is-not-like-the-other. And yes, people noticed.

That said, I think Mindy's cover looks pretty darn awesome. Here's the full cover:

And by the way, Mindy appears to be cool with how she looks on the cover.

Those seeking to see more of her body are facetiously instructed to tune in to tonight episode of her show The Mindy Project:

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