Bruno Mars has a message for all the dreamers

Hit musician responds to the haters and drops some motivational speaking on Ellen

Not only is Bruno Mars a talented singer/songwriter and one hell of a performer, the guy has charm for days. The chart-topping showman recently appeared on Ellen -- where he made his television debut four years ago -- for a pseudo-debriefing of his amazing Super Bowl Halftime show. While he totally rocked the stage on Super Bowl Sunday, his performance had its share of detractors, for one dumb reason or another.

So, in response to the haters, Bruno shared a motivational message with all of his fellow dreamers:

You sort of undercut the effect of your inspiring speech if you tell folks in advance that you're going to end it with the anthem from Rocky. But you get the idea. Like I said, charm for days. Bruno just made the day of a lot of ladies with all that high-fivin', hugging and kissing. The guy makes it look so easy.

As a bonus, here's a clip of Bruno and Ellen messing with a poor nurse for a earpiece/hidden camera prank:

Good sport.

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