Funny, don't remember that one on the Chinese zodiac

BBC subtitle blunder welcomes "Year of the Whores"

Ooof. That's unfortunate. If you happened to be watching BBC News last week as they observed the start of the Lunar New Year, you might have been surprised to see the channel declare this the "year of the whores."

Chinese New Year: BBC subtitle blunder reads 'Welcome to the year of the whores'

That's according to BBC's closed captioning system, which greeted subtitle-reading viewers with a heartfelt "Welcome to the year of the whores." Hmm. I don't remember that being one of the Chinese zodiac signs.

Yup, a simple transcription blunder with some very embarrassing results. And of course, some keen-eyed viewers were quick to freeze frame, capture and send it out into the winds of the internet.

That's all. Health, happiness and prosperity to you in the Year of the Horse.

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