Missing 6-year-old girl poster is a racist hoax

Amy Hamilton was not kidnapped by an "Asian grooming gang." There is no Amy Hamilton.

The hell? Have you seen this girl? Probably not. She doesn't exist -- there is no Amy Hamilton. But this fake missing person flyer has been circulating for months, appealing for the safe return of a London-area six-year-old girl who was allegedly kidnapped by an "Asian grooming gang."

Missing 'Amy Hamilton' Is Actually A Race-Hate Hoax

Not only is this flyer fake as shit, it's a racist hoax created by a right-wing propaganda group, Britons against Left-Wing Extremism (Bale). Their fear-mongering methods apparently include completely fabricating little girls and blaming their fake abduction on bogus brown sex gangs.

The poster was uncovered as a hoax last year, but the damn thing continues to circulate on social media, mostly resurfacing this week and getting shared thousands of times on Twitter and Facebook:

The fake appeal uses a painting taken from a Flickr account to represent the fictional little girl, and underneath it includes the message: "It is believed Amy has been kidnapped by an Asian grooming gang."

The poster is the work of the right-wing group Britons against Left-Wing Extremism (Bale), and was first spread as if it were genuine by the organisation's blog and social media accounts branded the Daily Bale.

Last year the Croydon Advertiser revealed that there was no Amy Hamilton, and that Daily Bale editor Steven Sodholmy believed he was "raising awareness... about the harsh reality of Asian grooming gangs."
Stop the lies! Stop sharing this bullshit.

Missing 'Amy Hamilton' poster circulating on social media revealed as racist right-wing propaganda hoax

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