Oldboy: The Brutally Honest Bootleg Special Edition DVD

"An unnecessary sub-par remake."

I know a lot of fellow Asian cinema fans hate remakes. To be honest, I find nothing inherently wrong with them. That said, I detested the very notion of a Hollywood remake of Park Chan-wook's Oldboy. I just never saw the point. So I was fairly pleased when Spike Lee's remake stumbled into theaters last fall, was tepidly received, and quietly crawled away. And even better, now we get this freaking incredible bootleg DVD art.

Chinese Bootleg DVD Marketing Needs a Little Work

Oh, I disagree, Slate. If this is indeed a "real" Chinese bootleg DVD of Spike Lee's Oldboy, this brutally honest pull-quote -- seemingly taken from an Amazon customer review -- is right on the money. And I love it. Can somebody get me the bootleg? I don't even want to watch it. I just want this for my collection.

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