Racist flyers found posted at University of Florida

Some giggling idiot's dog-eating joke

WTF, Florida? Specifically, the University of Florida, where a racist flyer was found posted around campus yesterday. It's basically some giggling idiot's dog-eating joke. Congratulations, you think you're funny. I imagine you squatting in nearby bushes, sadly admiring your handiwork.

Ignorant flyers found on Campus

Who needs social media when you've got good old-fashioned paper-and-ink racism? The flyer, brought to our attention by UF's Asian Pacific Islander American Affairs, was spotted by several students around campus, posted on billboards and the doors of buildings. Calling the phone number gets you a prank line.

To folks who are part of the University of Florida community, APIA Affairs encourages you stand up and speak out. If you see one of these flyers on campus, take a photo and let APIA Affairs know of its location. Post it on social media, share it with others and engage in dialogue. You may not be able to catch the assholes responsible, but you can sure as hell show that you will not stay silent about ignorant shit.

To the person(s) responsible for this flyer: fuck you.

Tired of this nonsense. APIA Affairs has submitted a bias incident and formal complaint with university police. They'll also be hosting a discussion forum on campus this Friday. Here are some more details:

Eat Dog?! Really?!

Friday, February 28, 2014
12:50pm in EST

P408, Peabody Hall

In light of the offensive poster built off the stereotype of Asians serving dog at restaurants, APIA Affairs will host a discussion forum for students interested in talking more about the issue. If you have any thoughts you would like to share, please come to the forum.
For further updates on this incident, follow APIA at UF on Facebook.

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