Do not watch this music video: "Get In My Car." I can't even.

The latest pop music train wreck from the makers of "Chinese Food" and "Friday"

Hey, can someone put me in a music video? Because really, it seems like anyone can be the star of their own music video... for the right price. The latest pop star wannabe to fall prey to producer Patrice Wilson -- the mastermind behind Rebecca Black's "Friday" and that godawful "Chinese food" song -- is 10-year-old Grace Liu, who just dropped the internet's newest audio visual train wreck, "Get In My Car."

Do not watch this:

Let me break it down. It starts out with some strange mid-air spoken word poetry by this guy:

We are introduced to the Asian Alison Gold:

Then shit suddenly turns into tweens gone wild, complete with Virgin America mood lighting:

What the heck?! Wheeeeee! A flying car! Chitty chitty bang bang, y'all.

My favorite kid is this little dude in the middle front seat, who looks highly unimpressed that he's riding a freaking flying car. Because he ain't no scrub:

Grace busts some moves in ethnic dress at the Great Wall of China.

Oh snap! This dude can rap!

I'm watching this thing, and I'm like, we're almost two and half minutes into the song and Patrice hasn't dropped a verse? But sure enough, there he is getting bilingual on this Mandarin jam. Certainly not gonna let this Chinese dude have all the fun:

Don't try this at home.

Okay, not as bad as "Chinese Food." But we're getting trolled, right?


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