How about not mocking the cancer survivor marathon runner?

SELF Magazine apologizes for photo feature making fun of "lame" tutu

This magazine chose the wrong runner to mock. Health and fitness publication SELF Magazine is getting flack for running a photo making fun of a tutu-wearing marathon runner... who happens to be a cancer survivor.

Self Magazine Shames Cancer Survivor For Running Marathon In A 'Lame' Tutu

When Monika Allen, a brain cancer survivor, got an email from SELF asking for permission to feature a photo of her running a marathon, she thought that was pretty cool. The photo, snapped at last year's Los Angeles Marathon, features Allen wearing a Wonder Woman costume accentuated by a frilly tutu. She looks awesome.

But the magazine's editors thought she looked "lame." It indeed ran in the April issue, except that it was prominently featured on SELF's "+BS Meter," which made fun of the alleged "racing tutu epidemic." Monika did not know that she was giving permission to be mocked.

While undergoing chemotherapy last year, Monika decided to run the Los Angeles Marathon. It was her first marathon since gettint diagnosed, and she says wearing the outfit gave her motivation. (Monika, you're running 26-and-then-some miles -- wear whatever the hell you want.)

On top of all that, she actually makes and sells the tutus for her company, Glam Runner, which also raises funds for Girls on the Run, a charity that empowers young girls with training to prepare for a 5K race.

Bad look all around for the magazine. Lucy Danzinger, editor-in-chief of SELF, said she was "personally mortified" about the feature. The magazine issued an apology for its "inadvertent insensitivity" via Twitter:

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