Poet Franny Choi wields words like muthaf*ckin' machetes

To the Man Who Shouted "I Like Pork Fried Rice" at Me on the Street

Stop what you're doing and watch this video of poet Franny Choi performing her piece "Pork Fried Rice," dropping destruction and laying waste to a cat caller -- the man who shouted "I like pork fried rice" at her on the street. She kiiilllls this. A wordsmith's act of greasy revenge for all who have been on the receiving end of these countless ignorant-ass cracks. Take a look:

For the full text of the poem go here.

Franny Choi is a Korean American writer, performer and teaching artist. Her debut book is Floating, Brilliant, Gone. For more information about her and her work, check out Franny's website.

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