Seniors thwart robbery with a cane to the crotch

Badass neighbors help 82-year-old fight off would-be robber

BOOM. Feel sting of justice, ya thievin' evildoer! And by sting, I mean that pounding pain in your genitals. This is an awesome story out of Toronto about a group of seniors who helped their elderly neighbor fight off a would-be robber, subduing him, most notably, with a devastating cane to the crotch.

Cane to the genitals helps seniors foil robbery

Last week, a man followed 82-year-old Mrs. Ye into her apartment building, purportedly offering to help carry her groceries, then attempted to rob her. But he messed with the wrong lady. It became a neighborhood affair, with several folks -- including 71-year-old Chin-Hua Chen and a homeless man -- jumping into the fray to help Mrs. Ye.

But it was 71-year-old Jane Harris, armed with a cane, who struck the suspect in the genitals with her cane -- the crushing blow that apparently ended the altercation. That'll do it:

With Chen trying to help, the tug-of-war then spilled over into the stairwell when another person, a homeless man who was squatting in the stairwell, joined the fight.

"He said 'I'm good, this bad man,'" Chen said, quoting the man.

Hearing the commotion and next to enter the fray was 71-year-old Jane Harris. She came armed with her cane which is equipped with a jagged steel edge for winter walking.

CBC News reporter Shannon Martin asked Harris where she jabbed the man with her cane. Her response: "In the man's genitals. I did not assault him. If he got hurt, it was of his wrongdoing."
Ye was treated for an injured finger but was otherwise unharmed. The 52-year-old assailant was arrested and charged with robbery, assault and criminal mischief. I believe he also received an important lesson about not messing with badass seniors citizens. Especially those armed with steel canes.

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