Would you eat from a truck called "Cockasian"?

San Antonio food truck banned for racy name

So, um, what do you sell out of this truck? In Texas, a new Asian-fusion food truck has been prohibited from operating in a San Antonio industrial area because of its objectionable name: Cockasian.

San Antonio food truck's 'offensive name' ruffles feathers

CockAsian, owned and operated by chef Candie Yoder, specializes in "Asian Fusion" -- mostly Korean fare, including her most popular dish, Korean Fried Chicken. But the truck's name and branding has apparently ruffled some feathers, and she has been barred from rolling in and setting up shop in Port San Antonio.

It should be noted that Yoder is not Asian. In fact, she claims that the truck's name is a wordy play on the fact that she's a white woman cooking Asian food. Yeah, that's clever.

Yoder, who is not Asian, said the food truck was not only a spin on its Asian-fusion menu, but also pokes fun at her.

"When I was discussing my plans of opening an Asian food truck, I got some people asking why, or joking, because of my ethnicity," Yoder said. She's white.

"So it's not only a play on the Korean fried chicken that we serve, but also my ethnicity," she explained.
I'm not in the San Antonio area, and I can't speak to whether or not the food's any good. And seriously, a white lady cooking Korean food? First and foremost, I'd want to know if the food was any good.

But this sounds like one of the many food trucks trying nab customers through branding and signage and hype. Could you have chosen a more obnoxious name than "Cockasian"? If it's hype you wanted, you've got it.

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