Avril Lavigne's latest single is called "Hello Kitty." The music video is as bad as you could imagine.

Gwen Stefani was doing this sh*t like ten years ago.

Oh, come on. Avril Lavigne is back, and is the latest pop star to take part in the time-honored tradition of cultural appropriation, taking a big dip into a silly approximation of kawaii aesthetic. The video for the craptastic tune, "Hello Kitty," features four expressionless Asian backup dancers (of course), a trip to the sushi chef, and a stroll down a Japanese street, complete with giggling schoolgirls -- cuz all that sh*t is soooo Japaneeeeeeese:

I guess they had a limited budget, or they would have thrown in a few anime characters somewhere in there too. My friends, I pray that this song never gets stuck in your head, but it's kind of godawful.

Sorry, Avril. Gwen Stefani was doing this shit like ten years ago. It was terrible back then too.

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