Nice Girls Crew Season 2 Trailer

Second season premieres online April 28

They're baaaaaack! Nice Girls Crew is back! Three best frenemies in the best book club ever -- Lynn Chen, Michelle Krusiec and Sheetal Sheth -- are back for a second season of the hit comedy webseries, taking the mirth and mayhem to new heights. All five episodes of season two will be available online on April 28.

In season two, your favorite book club moves their shenanigans to Sophie's house where we meet Geraldine's mom (the legendary Tsai Chin), and find out who Leena's new love interest is! It's pretty hot.

Here's the season two trailer:

If you're new to the Nice Girls Crew, catch up on the entirety of season one with this handy playlist:

For more information and updates, visit the Nice Girls Crew Facebook page.

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