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Globe photos of the week, April 4, 2014: Kaz is back, and he's still stealing the show.

The Wolf Hunters of Wall Street: A fascinating adaptation from Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt, about a band of outsiders who discovered that the stock market was rigged -- and set out to change it.

Opposition to affirmative action: California Asian Americans have forgotten civil rights history: Why should Asian Americans support affirmative action? Not only because of a long history of civil rights struggles, but for basic justice, argues Janelle Wong.

Affirmative action debate create rifts in ethnic communities: An examination of the racial rifts -- and the need for continued dialogue -- in California's raging debate over affirmative action.

The Unknown Knowns: First-Day Impressions of the Manzanar Concentration Camp: 84-year-old community activist Wilbur Sato was twelve years old when he was incarcerated with 11,070 Japanese Americans at Manzanar during World War II. He recalls his first impressions upon arriving at the camp.

Why Aren't Asian-Americans Getting Their 'One Shining Moment'? Why are these so few Asian Americans playing Division I basketball? Is it height? Culture? Staying off the radar? No, no, and no.

Why I must come out: Geena Rocero at TED2014: Model and activist Geena Rocero talks about growing up in the Philippines, gender identity, and "coming out" to the public.

How I Survived My One Night as a Prep Cook in Chef David Chang's Momofuku Noodle Bar: Jenny Oh was looking for a career change and tried her hand as a prep cook at Momofuku. She lasted one night.

A "Mindy Project" Roundtable: Three writers and fans of Mindy Kaling's Fox show sit down in a Buzzfeed roundtable to talk about Kaling's take on race, gender, body image - and what it means for viewers who don't often see themselves reflected in television.

Who plays who in the Hollywood adaptation of the Leland Yee saga? The Leland Yee/Shrimp Boy FBI affidavit reads like a Hollywood script. Who would you pick to star in the imaginary film adaptation?

Ken Jeong: Doctor By Day, Comedian By Night: As part a series called "My Big Break," NPR's All Things Considered is collecting stories about the moments when everything seems to click, and people leap forward into their careers -- including for physician-turned-actor Ken Jeong.

Warner's C.E.O. Is Bullish on the Big Screen: When Kevin Tsujihara took over as CEO of Warner Bros. last year, no one really knew what to make of him, but he's made big and effective changes at the studio.

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