Watch out for those sneaky Asian pitchers

"Typical Asian motion. Deception involved."

This week in sportscasters who should shut the f*ck up... Watch and listen as this asshole announcer calls out a baseball player for employing "deception"... because he happens to be Asian. Typically Asian, apparently.

Hawk Harrelson Should Probably Not Suggest "Asians" Are "Deceptive"

During the broadcast of Thursday night's Indians/White Sox game, announcer Ken "Hawk" Harrelson took the liberty of providing some color commentary about Cleveland pitcher Chen-Chang lee, who is from Taiwan.

In the bottom of the sixth, Lee threw a nasty slider to Alexei Ramirez. Swing and a miss. Harrelson could only describe the pitch as a "typical Asian motion. Deception involved." Gotta watch out for those Asians!

[The video has been removed from YouTube. Watch the moment here.]

Inscrutable, like a freaking sneak attack.

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