Brooks Brothers is selling a pair of chopsticks for $245

That's $122.50 per stick.

File under big, crap-tastic ways to waste your money... Someone sent this my way and I initially laughed it off. But after I clicked the link, it kept coming up in my Facebook feed, and it started bugging the hell out of me.

Are you looking to throw away a chunk of cash? Short of setting it on fire? Then you should be aware that Brooks Brothers is currently selling a set of fancy-ass chopsticks for $245. Two hundred and forty-five dollars! And that's down from the original price of $350. For two chopsticks -- that's $122.50 per stick.

Designed to grace the homes of connoisseurs, collectors and dumbasses, these chopsticks are 9½" long and accented with Brooks Brothers' Golden Fleece® logo for an elegant finishing touch. For those who want to eat their noodles like an asshole. You can also get a matching chopstick holder for $105.

As far as I can tell, the chopsticks don't possess any magical properties. Good readers, as someone who cares about you, if I find out that you bought a pair of $245 chopsticks, I will slap you upside the head on principle.

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