The Eagles have signed a kicker nicknamed "Murderleg"

Vanderbilt kicker Carey Spear joins Philadelphia as an undrafted free agent rookie

Philadelphia, get ready for Murderleg. Last week, the Philadelphia Eagles signed Carey Spear, a badass kicker from Vanderbilt University, as an undrafted free agent rookie. And seriously, his nickname is "Murderleg."

Philadelphia Eagles Sign Undrafted Kicker Nicknamed 'Murderleg'

Nicknames are earned. So how does one get called "Murderleg"? By possessing one of the strongest legs in college football. A three-time captain, Spear set a school single-season record as a senior with 99 points while connecting on 15 of his 19 field goal attempts. In his past two seasons, he went 4-for-5 from 50 yards or more.

At 5-foot-10, 194 pounds, Spear is also known for delivering bone-rattling hits on kick returners. Just watch...

Exhibit A:


And Exhibit B:


And Exhibit C:


Philadelphia, get ready for Murderleg.

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