'When I Walk' premieres on PBS on June 23

Jason DaSilva's award-winning documentary kicks off the 27th season of 'POV'

Mark your calendars. PBS' award-winning documentary series POV kicks off its 27th season on Monday, June 23 with the national broadcast premiere of Jason DaSilva's powerful personal documentary When I Walk.

In When I Walk, up-and-coming 25-year-old filmmaker Jason DaSilva discovers he has multiple sclerosis. To cope, he decides to use the art of filmmaking to look at his new reality. The film is a candid and brave chronicle of one young man's struggle to adapt to the harsh realities of M.S. while holding on to his personal and creative life. The result is a life-affirming documentary filled with unexpected moments of joy and humor.

If you missed this incredible film during its festival run or limited theatrical screenings, here's your chance to catch it from the convenience of your couch, on public television. I can't recommend it enough.

Watch the trailer for When I Walk:

The official broadcast date on POV is June 23, but you might want to check your local public television listings. The POV site has a handy PBS station search engine here. For further information about the film, check out the When I Walk website and follow updates on Facebook.

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