Your "Fiji Islander" party is an insult to actual Fijians

Students protest fraternity's racist theme party at UC Irvine

What is it about frat parties that make college students lose all good sense in their skulls? All right. Go have your party. But did you have to make it a racist theme party? A "Fiji Islander Party," apparently. This community BuzzFeed post describes this recent shit that went down, courtesy of Phi Gamma Delta at UC Irvine:

Phi Gamma Delta @ UC Irvine Hosts Racist Party

"Phi Gamma Delta's official nickname is FIJI. Apparently, this nickname should take precedence over FIJI THE PEOPLE. FIJI THE ETHNICITY. FIJI THE CULTURE."

So this classy gathering happened, and attendees came to party dressed in "Islander" garb -- grass skirts, leis, and, um, general nakedness. Or somebody's lazy approximation of Fiji or whatever the f*ck who cares -- it's an excuse to wear costuuuuuumes! Stereotypes and cultural appropriation, all in the name of getting "shipfaced."

Here's part of a statement from UC Irvine's Asian Pacific Student Association, condemning Phi Gamma Delta's "Fiji Islander Party":

o Phi Gamma Delta @ UCI, UCI Interfraternity Council, UCI Panhellenic Association, UCI Multicultural Greek Council, UCI undergraduate communities, UCI faculty, staff, and administration:

The Asian Pacific Student Association (APSA) at the University of California, Irvine condemns the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity for hosting another iteration of its annual “FIJI Islander” themed party on May 15th, 2014.

We, the Asian Pacific Student Association Executive Board, echo and fully support Save Gasaiwai’s statement (attached below) regarding the Phi Gamma Delta event.

Save, in his statement, brings up important issues that are lived realities for Fijian communities. We are disappointed by the extensiveness of cultural stereotyping/appropriation as it continues to pervade people of color communities. These issues greatly concern APSA at UCI and should concern UCI communities as well.

Also read this statement by Fijian student Save Gasaiwai, articulating his concerns over the party theme and Phi Gamma Delta's nickname: Asian Pacific Student Association At UCI Stance On Phi Gamma Delta's "FIJI Islander Party"

And here's online petition calling the fraternity to apologize: Stop the misuse of the name Fiji

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