Burglars busted after posting stolen loot on social media

Thieves targeted multiple Indian communities across California and Nevada

In Southern California, police have arrested multiple suspects in connection with a sophisticated burglary ring that has been targeting Indian communities in California and Nevada for gold, jewelry and cash.

Gold-theft ring busted; targeted Indian communities

According to investigators, the thieves are connected to a Long Beach street gang who used the internet and other sources to find their victims, specifically targeting Indian homes in multiple counties across Southern and Northern California, as well as Nevada. They gained the trust of their targets, found out when residents would be away from their homes, then made off with gold, jewelry, cash and other valuables.

The suspects burglarized over a hundred homes in about a year.

"They targeted this specific ethnic group because they know that they have money and that they have gold. That's their main thing that they focus on, the gold, to sell it, and the money obviously to keep it," said Long Beach Police Detective Abel Morales.

"So far there have been five suspects arrested in this case, and there are four still outstanding either with arrest warrants or wanted by police," said Ventura County Sheriff's Captain Don Aguilar.

Best part: these foolish thieves got caught when they started bragging and posting photos of themselves with stolen cash and jewelry on social media. Seriously. They were cautious enough to avoid leaving behind DNA or fingerprints... but go ahead and flaunt their loot on Facebook? Genius level thievery.

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