Do New Yorkers still recognize Jeremy Lin?

Former Knick returns to the city that gave birth to Linsanity, sits on a park bench. Waits.

Remember Linsanity? Ah, February 2012. I remember it well. Sleepless nights of watching game replays, tracking down sports bars that were playing the Knicks games, my Facebook timeline lit up with countless links and comments about Jeremy Lin. That was fun. And New York City was ground zero for all of it.

Of course that eventually came to an end, and Jeremy Lin parted ways with the New York Knicks. This week, the current Houston Rocket guard was back in the city where it all started. Would Linsanity be a distant memory? Sports Illustrated thought it would be fun to set up a hidden camera while Jeremy hung out on a park bench and see if anyone recognized him. Former New York City sensation? Or just a random Asian dude on the street?

Check it out what happens:

I would recognize you anywhere, Jeremy.

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