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That's Kind of Racist, Dude: A (white) waiter at a Seattle restaurant assumed a group of Korean American authors were foreign. Writer Don Lee reflects on this microaggression, why he can't let go of it.

Your Princess Is in Another Castle: Misogyny, Entitlement, and Nerds: Nerdy guys aren't guaranteed to get laid by the hot chick as long as we work hard. There isn't a team of writers or a studio audience pulling for us to triumph by getting the girl. Arthur Chu breaks it down.

Masculinity vs. "Misogylinity": what Asian Americans can learn from #UCSB shooting | #YesAllWomen: Reappropriate's Jenn Fang reflects on the Isla Vista shooting and Asian Americans' relationship to masculinity.

Shooting Of Sikh Army Veteran Divides Community: In late January, a mentally ill man was shot and killed by two police officers in Lodi, California. Tragedy often follows a confrontation between the police and a mentally ill person, but the facts of this case are in dispute.

Sriracha And Tapatio Set Los Angeles Artists Afire In 'LA Heat': "LA Heat: Taste Changing Condiments" is an art exhibition inspired by popular hot sauce staples Sriracha and Tapatio, currently running through July 12 at the Chinese American Museum of LA.

Understanding Hapa Identity: More Research, Not Manifestos: "Do multiracial individuals have more mental health problems than those not identified as such? Early research that was poorly designed said yes, but more recent research indicates otherwise."

Road rage killing hits officer's soft spot: San Jose Police officer Huan Nguyen was deeply affected by a road rage murder of a Vietnamese immigrant which left behind a widow and two young children, one with severe autism. Together with his colleagues, he has raised money to help the family.

Interview with Gary Chou of New York's Orbital: An interview with Gary Chou of New York's Orbital Boot Camp, an intensive 12-week course that gives students exposure to the process of launching ideas.

Hustle Makes Me What I Am: A conversation between George Quibuyen and Hollis Wong-Wear -- aka Geo of the Blue Scholars and Hollis of Flavr Blue -- who have had long histories in Seattle art and activism circles.

The Love And Laugh Lines Get Blurrier: Listen to singer/songwriter Kina Grannis' recent session with Daytrotter, in which she plays a selection of songs from her latest studio album Elements.

Whatever happened to Short Round from Temple Of Doom?: As the Indiana Jones sequel celebrates its 30th anniversary, here's a look back at the post-Temple of Doom career of its unsung hero Jonathan Ke Quan.

Opening a restaurant, taking a leap: For Beverly Kim (of Top Chef fame) and Johnny Clark, the glamour of opening their new restaurant, Parachute, belies the harsh financial realities.

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