This Guy is Officially the Most Excited Player at the World Cup

Guest Post by @angryplus1

I don't know about you, but even though FIFA is super evil and there are tons of very legit reasons to feel that this soccer spectacle is all a big sham, our household is incredibly excited about the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

But do you know who's the most excited? 24-year-old Hiroki Sakai, a defender on the Japan National Team.

I mean, just look at his profile picture:

How can you not root for this kid?

Based on an extensive review of every single player profile -- from every team -- on the FIFA website, I have scientifically determined, based on the size and gleam of his grin, that young Hiroki is officially the most excited player in the 2014 World Cup tournament. The guy is just really happy to be here.

I know that Team Japan lost its first game against Ivory Coast on Saturday, but I hope that the team can make up for it because Hiroki needs a win and the public NEEDS TO SEE THAT ADORABLE SMILE.

@angryplus1, official 2014 World Cup correspondent for Angry Asian Man, admits to knowing very little about the game of soccer, but is a self-professed expert on coming up with nicknames and making character judgements based on player profile photos.

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