Casting Call: 'Spa Night'

Independent feature seeks Korean actors

Recently this casting call passed along to me, and thought it might be of interest to some of you actor-ly folks.

Spa Night is an independent feature film written and directed by award-winning filmmaker Andrew Ahn. The film, which will shoot in Los Angeles, follows a Korean American teen in his last year of high school as he navigates coming-of-age against the backdrop of Koreatown.

It looks like they're still specifically looking for some Korean actors. Here's the casting call with more details:

"SPA NIGHT" - Feature Film Casting Call

Looking for Korean Talent. Not accepting all Asians.
Must speak Korean fluently where indicated.

Producer: Kelly Thomas
Director: Andrew Ahn
Writer: Andrew Ahn
Casting Director: Julia Kim

When: Shoot/Start Date - August 11, 2014

Where: Los Angeles

Why: $100/day.

Andrew Ahn is a Korean-American filmmaker born and raised in Los Angeles. An alumnus of Film Independent’s Project: Involve, Ahn participated in the Sundance Screenwriters Lab and the Film Independent Screenwriting and Directing Labs with this feature screenplay Spa Night. The project also received a Sundance Institute Cinereach Feature Film Fellow grant. He graduated from Brown University and received an MFA in Film Directing from the California Institute of the Arts.

[DAVID CHO] (18-21, Male, Korean-American) finds himself right at the edge of manhood. The last of his baby fat still clings to his cheeks. He’s quietly observant, perceptive to the world around him. His calm and reserved exterior hides a deeply conflicted inner self. Likable. Attractive in a relatable way. **TASTEFUL NUDITY SCENE

[SOYOUNG CHO] (mid 40s-50s, Female, Korean) is David’s mother. She's an immigrant from South Korea. She runs the family restaurant with precision. She’s organized, works hard, and knows what she needs to do for her family. **MUST SPEAK/ READ KOREAN FLUENTLY

[JIN CHO] (50s, Male, Korean) is David’s father. He's an immigrant from South Korea. Despite his stoic demeanor, Jin is a sensitive and fragile man. When the family restaurant closes, Jin deals with the stress the only way he knows how: soju and cigarettes. **MUST SPEAK/ READ KOREAN FLUENTLY

[EDDIE BAEK] (18, Korean-American) is a freshman at USC, a future Big Man on Campus. Smart, popular, and handsome, Eddie’s got his shit together. He’ll probably become a lawyer and marry a gorgeous Korean girl. Any Korean mom would be proud. Has a good personality.

[ESTHER KANG] (18, Korean-American) is Eddie’s girlfriend. She’s sweet, smart, and sexy. Eddie can’t get enough of her, and she knows it. Likeable.

[MRS. BAEK] (50s, Female, Korean) Her son Eddie goes to USC. She’s a bit of a bragger. She probably drives a Mercedes and is obsessed with designer labels. **MUST SPEAK/ READ KOREAN FLUENTLY

[SPA MANAGER] (60s, Male, Korean) Wears a wife beater, shorts and slippers, he manages the Korean spa. **MUST SPEAK/ READ KOREAN FLUENTLY

STORY LINE: SPA NIGHT follows KoreanAmerican guy David Cho in his last year of high school as he navigates coming-of-age against the backdrop of Korea Town, Los Angeles

Contact: Julia Kim
Phone: 323.850.6038
Email: julia@castingbyjuliakim.com

I was a big fan of Andrew's previous shorts, Andy and Dol (First Birthday), which screened at numerous film festivals (including the prestigious Sundance Film Festival), so I have high hopes for this feature. Hope this is helpful to somebody out there. Good luck.

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