Daniel Inouye wants to rock and roll on this sh*t

Steven Yeun stars as the late U.S. Senator in Comedy Central's 'Drunk History'

The premise of Comedy Central's Drunk History is simple. Comedians and actors re-enact the stories of significant figures and moments from history, as recounted by a narrator... who happens to be drunk.

In this week's episode, Phil Hendrie knocks back some of the good stuff and tells the story of Daniel Inouye's Heroic Moment. The Walking Dead star Steven Yeun plays the late U.S. Senator in his younger years, as he faces discrimination during World War II, but ultimately shows great courage on the battlefield with "the 442nd Infantry Regiment United States Regiment." Bonus: James Hong as Inouye's father.

Here's a preview:

And that's what you do with a bag full of grenades, son.

The story continues in this week's Hawaii-themed episode, Tuesday 10/9c on Comedy Central.

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