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Thank You, Black Internet, for Bringing #Ferguson to Me: "As hundreds of Black residents in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson march into another day of protests against the murder of unarmed Black teenager Michael Brown; a threatened, but still open, Internet thrust the story into widespread, necessary visibility."

White supremacy's latest round: Retracing the real history of Ferguson: "The shooting of Michael Brown is not a sudden, excessive, abusive or random imposition of state power. It is rather a reminder of a certain state of the world that has been in existence for centuries -- from slavery, to Black Codes and Jim Crow, both designed to maintain the indentured servitude of blacks, to "stop and frisk" policing."

Men Without a Country: Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin, My Father and Me: Arthur Chu on police brutality and the failure of the justice system for people of color: "I can pretend to belong here better than Trayvon and Mike Brown were ever given the chance to. But however hard I try, however well they treat me, I know this is not my country."

Why We've Been Seeing More 'Yellowface' In Recent Months: The Mikado, Katy Perry, TopShop bracelets. Is 'Yellowface' getting popular, or are we just noticing it more?

Roundtable: The Past And Present Of 'Yellowface': A roundtable discussion on Asians in popular media, the differences between "yellowface" and "colorblind casting," and the link between yellowface and blackface.

A Fan Visits From Afar, and the Royals Come Alive: Meet Lee Sung-woo, the Kansas City Royals' unlikely biggest fan. Up until last week week, he had never been to Kansas City nor even set foot in the United States. But when word got out that he was visiting from South Korea, the team rolled out the red carpet.

5 Terrifying Facts About Undocumented Asian Americans: A list of issues that undocumented Asian Americans face today -- and as always, for the sake of your well-being, stay away from the comments.

Author Explores Irony And Identity In 'A Chinaman's Chance': An interview with Eric Liu, author of the memoir A Chinaman's Chance: One Family's Journey and the Chinese American Dream.

What My Grandmother Learned (Not to Say): Akemi Johnson reflects on her grandmother's silence on Japanese internment, urging others to examine the complexities of such silencing.

In Silicon Valley, Lucy Koh is the law: U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh has handled many high-profile tech cases in Silicon Valley, including patent disputes and claims of collusion over workers' pay.

What Happens When A Congressman Spends A Night Among The Homeless: California Representative Mark Takano checked into a homeless shelter in his district, going incognito for a day to gain a sense of what life is like for those homeless who are lucky enough to get a spot inside a shelter.

Digital Media Mavens Launch Consulting Firm for Asian Americans: With the goal of closing the gap between traditional grassroots organizing and online political organizing, four digital media mavens came together to form The Brain Trust, a digital consulting firm with a focus on API groups online.

Restoring her kimchi connection: Hannah Chung grew up ashamed of the difference that eating kimchi signified. But after her grandmother (and family kimchi maker) passed away, Chung longed for the taste of kimchi. Now the Atlanta-based Chung is a "kimchi missionary," starting up a commercial operation called Simply Seoul Kitchen.

Bruce Lee put U.S. martial arts on the grand stage in Long Beach 50 years ago: This month marks the 50th anniversary of Bruce Lee's infamous demonstration at the inaugural Long Beach International Karate Championships, which rocked the martial arts world and gave birth to a modern legend.

Sakai Reflects on 30 Years of "Usagi Yojimbo": Stan Sakai, the creator of legendary comic book series Usagi Yojimbo, talks about his long, celebrated career, undertaking new challenges and endeavors, and evolving the series over the course of 30 years.

Producer Brian Yang on ESPN Brittney Griner Doc: Director Melissa Johnson and Linsanity producer Brian Yang teamed up to make an ESPN documentary about WNBA star Brittney Griner and her first season playing with China's Zhejiang Golden Bulls. Yang shares a little about the making of the film.

Asian-Americans Outspend Average Music Fans, New Study Shows: According to a new report, Asian Americans spend more on music and adopts music-related technologies faster than the population at large.

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