The Return of Action Movie Kid

DreamWorks animator dad uses special effects to turn his kid into an action hero.

He's back! It's the return of Action Movie Kid! Daniel Hashimoto likes to record videos of his 3-year-old son James doing everyday, average kid stuff. But when dad is an animator for DreamWorks, those everyday, average videos get super-powered, and little James becomes Action Movie Kid!

Using the power of Adobe After Effects, Daniel makes awesome videos of James in a variety of epic situations, from lightsaber shenanigans to cliffhanging shenanigans. After posting them to YouTube under the channel Action Movie Kid, young James' adventures became a big hit. Now he's back for a season two of sorts.

AMK Volume 2 is a compilation of all the latest adventures. Take a look:

I'll say it again: Coolest Dad Ever. For more videos, subscribe to the Action Movie Kid YouTube channel.

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