This Ferguson business owner is tired of Darren Wilson supporters and their bullshit

"I am speaking English, do you understand that? You stupid jackass!"

Things have taken weird turns in Ferguson, Missouri, where weeks of community unrest over the fatal police shooting of unarmed teenager Michael Brown have given way to tensions between protestors and supporters of Darren Wilson, the police officer who killed Brown. Today, we tip our hat to one local business owner, who interrupted a TV interview to tell Wilson supporters to get the hell out.

Darren Wilson supporters and Ferguson business owners clash: "You stupid jackass!"

In this CNN segment, Jake Tapper attempts to interview a group of Wilson supporters staging a small protest in Ferguson. But up walks this local business owner, obviously tired of their bullshit, who jumps in and derails the interview. Cigarette in hand, he tells the protesters straight up, "We want you out of here."

"We don't want bad things. I understand the justice and we understand that. You get out of here... We don't want any controversy. A lot of black people live around here and I want for the peace."

Oh, trying to play that I-am-a-United-States-citizen card? "I am a United States citizen too!" Moded.

My favorite part has to be this jackass who says "Speak English!" to the guy who is speaking fucking English. Part of me actually thinks that he really didn't understand him. He just saw a brown guy talking, and his racist brain simply wouldn't allow him to believe that the guy was speaking English. But that's when homeboy really loses it and goes off. "You stupid jackass!" Indeed.

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