3-year-old kid gets an awesome prosthetic Iron Man hand

Kid born without fingers gets a 3-D printed mechanical hand

Check out this awesome story out of Hawaii about a 3-year-old kid, born without fingers, who is now rocking a super-cool, fully functioning Iron Man-like prosthetic hand with the help of 3-D printing technology.

3-year-old Maui boy receives 'Ironman'-like 3-D printed hand

3-year-old Rayden "Bubba" Kahae was born with Amniotic Band Syndrome, a congenital disorder which caused his right hand to develop without fully formed fingers. But last week, thanks to the internet, a 3-D printer and a nonprofit group called E-Nable, the kid got a new hand -- a badass red-and-gold Iron Man hand.

Check out this video of Rayden trying on his hand for the first time:

While a commercially-made prosthetic hand can traditionally cost up to $40,000, Rayden's 3-D printed, mechanical body-powered hand only cast $50 to build -- and his family got it from E-Nable free of charge.

No word if Rayden's Iron Man hand is equipped with a repulsor blast.

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