90-year-old couple brutally beaten in home invasion

Suspects tricked elderly couple into letting them inside their El Cerrito home

What the hell? News out of the Bay Area about another brutal assault and robbery on elderly Asians... Last week in El Cerrito, a couple in their 90s were violently beaten and bound by two home invasion robbers.

Elderly Couple Beaten, Robbed Inside Their Home in El Cerrito

The two assailants -- one male, one female -- tricked Jaime and Paz Nagal, both 90, into letting them into their home twice in two days, first chatting them up outside about their flowers, then attacking and robbing the couple when they returned the following day. Both victims were severely beaten and tied up while the suspects made off with their belongings.

The next day, the suspects returned. Even though the couple believed that the suspects were the ones who had robbed them, they again allowed them into their home, this time pulling a dolly that the suspect told them they could use if they needed it.

The male suspect again talked to the husband, while the wife went to the kitchen to get some water for the female suspect. The female suspect shouted something at the male suspect, and they both attacked the victims.

The husband was beaten, bound with duct tape and left in a bedroom. The wife was beaten, stabbed in the arm and also bound. After they had secured the victims, the attackers set to work loading a safe from the home onto the dolly.

The victims both suffered serious injuries but are expected to be okay. That said, who the fuck does this?

Police described the male suspect as 6 feet tall, 175 pounds, unknown race, in his 40s. He had short black hair, brown eyes and walked with "a very noticeable limp." The female suspect was described 5-foot-4, 150 pounds, unknown race, in her late 40s, with short hair.

Both suspects spoke English with accents and spoke another language that the victims didn't recognize. They were driving a two-door, dark blue vehicle. There's a special place in hell for these two.

Detectives are actively investigating the incident. Anyone with information about the crime is asked to call El Cerrito police at 510-215-4400. Anonymous tips can be left at 510-215-4414, ext. 40.

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