Banh Shop to change red star logo

Vietnamese American community complained the design was too reminiscent of the Communist red star

Well, that was quick. Yum Brands, the parent company of Taco Bell and KFC, has announced that it will change the logo of its recently launched bánh mì concept in Dallas, following complaints from the Vietnamese American community that the design was too reminiscent of the Communist red star.

Yum Brands will change Dallas Banh Shop's red star logo after complaints

In a letter posted on the Banh Shop Facebook page, Yum Brands Senior Vice President apologized to the Vietnamese community for the design, announcing that the company would change the logo and remove the red star from all materials and signage from the restaurant by the end of the day.

Again, one has to wonder how the hell they came up with this logo in the first place, without doing the proper research. You're telling me nobody was aware that this could be a problem? Not smart.

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