Fund This: 'Chee and T'

"A comedy about the only two guys left in Silicon Valley who have nothing to do with technology."

Here's another cool independent feature film project that could use your crowdfunding assistance... Chee and T, written and directed by Tanuj Chopra and co-written by Chee Malabar, is described as "a comedy about the only two guys left in Silicon Valley who have nothing to do with technology."

They've assembled an awesome cast that includes Sunkrish Bala, Noureen Dewulf, Dominic Rains, Karan Soni, Asif Ali, Bernard White and Rebecca Hazlewood. Now they just gotta raise the cash to make the damn thing. But what kind of movie is this? Well, first, here's a short video that'll give you an idea of what it's definitely not (WARNING: Excessive Brown Face):

Here are some more details about the story:

At first impression you might think Chee and T are “too cool for school” tech start up guys who are on their fifth venture. But that's not the case. Chee and T are local, Palo Alto debt collectors employed by Chee's slick and opportunistic Uncle Rob. Their days are filled with chasing down debtors, kicking in doors, and chain smoking.

On this particular day, Chee and T are asked to accomplish what seems like a simple job: get Uncle Rob's nephew, a 20 something year old named Mayunk, presentable by day's end for his engagement party. Unfortunately, handling Mayunk proves to be anything but simple. He's hyperactive, brash, and something of a drugged out nut case.

Set against the backdrop of an unpredictable mayoral race (run by T's on again off again girlfriend), Chee and T take a delirious ride as they try to keep up with Mayunk through the streets of Palo Alto, where on this one day, loyalty, friendship and love are put to the test and they are asked to answer the question: what happens when you can't delay your future any longer?

I've read an early draft of the script, and I think Chee and T is going to be something special.

The goal is to raise $75,000 by October 9 to go towards production costs. Can you drop some bills in the bucket to help make their movie dreams come true? For further information about Chee and T, and to make a donation to the project, visit their Indiegogo page.

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