Jeremy Lin & Wong Fu Productions imagine "Lindorsements"

Also: Jeremy throws the first pitch at Dodgers Stadium

At the height of the era we affectionately call "Linsanity," basketball sensation Jeremy Lin reportedly turned down tens of millions of dollors in potential endorsement opportunities. Fast forward to 2014. Now that Jeremy has moved on to Los Angeles and joined the Lakers, what sort of endorsement deals is he looking at?

Jeremy recently teamed up with Wong Fu Productions to imagine himself as the star of various ad campaigns, poking fun at the Most Interesting Man in the World, Chris Paul's Cliff Paul commercials, Richard Sherman's Beats ad... and other endorsement indignities. Plus a surprise appearance from a fellow Laker.

Check it out:

Like that? Here are some bloopers and an alternate ending:

Also, a behind-the-scenes video:

Meanwhile, elsewhere in Los Angeles, Jeremy recently threw out the first pitch at Dodgers Stadium:

This Giants fan does not approve, Jeremy.

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