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2015 Met Gala Will Probably Be an Asian-Themed Shitshow: "The Met's Department of Asian Art is celebrating its 100th anniversary and the ball will partially take place in the Chinese Galleries. I'm excited by the idea of Chinese fashion designers getting some shine on a huge platform, but I have little to no faith that this won't turn into one big appropriation and cultural insensitivity parade."

Ferguson: The Movement Continues: Activist and writer Deepa Iyer names four easy things that South Asian and Asian American communities can do to help the movement continue in Ferguson, Missouri.

A Conversation About Race, Identity, and Discrimination With My 6-Year Old: 18 Million Rising's Pakou Her shares an important conversation she had with her 6-year-old daughter about race and identity.

Is the Next Civil Rights Leader Asian-American? "Once a conservative-friendly group of upwardly mobile new immigrants, young, educated Asian-Americans are now increasingly on the front lines of civil rights battles, working as activists and organizers, engaged in assorted leftist rabble-rousing for causes more often associated with blacks or Latinos than Asians."

My Chance Encounter as Captain America with a 9/11 Responder: Vishavjit Singh was hopping in and out of New York subways in his Captain America costume when he had a chance encounter with a 9/11 responder.

After 9/11, Minorities Bear Burden of Proving their Patriotism: Lakhpreet Kaur on the burden that Sikhs and other minorities bear to prove their patriotism in post 9/11 U.S.: "What else do we need to do? Should we wear American flag t-shirts? Should I hand out flyers on the street corner that explain how Sikhs have been in America for over 100 years? Should I get a megaphone and yell all of my American values out my window? Or should I just bleach my skin and dye my hair?"

Why Asian Americans Should Care About Emma Sulkowicz's Rape Protest: Columbia University senior Emma Sulkowicz is carrying her dorm mattress across campus every day until her rapist leaves or is expelled. With recent reports indicating that a higher percentage of Asian women compared to non-Asian are sexually abused in U.S. colleges, Audrey makes a case for why Asian Americans should care about Suklowicz's rape.

US schools add Vietnamese to dual immersion: The move to add Vietnamese to the growing list of languages featured in dual immersion education classes comes as the American born children of Vietnamese immigrants are striving to preserve their family's heritage for the next generation.

Nina Davuluri Looks Back at Her Year as Miss America 2014: As Nina Davuluri, the first Indian American to win the Miss American pageant, hands over her crown this weekend to her successor, she looks back at her accomplishments over the last year.

Liu Wen, the First Asian Spokesmodel for Estée Lauder, Writes About Changing Beauty Ideals: Liu Wen talks about growing up in China, becoming a model, and changing beauty ideals in the fashion industry.

Hollis Wong-Wear Slams Her Way into Mainstream Music: Hollis Wong-Wear began as a slam poet, then acted as tour manager for the Blue Scholars, and is now making her way into mainstream music.

Inside David Chang's Secret Momofuku Test Kitchen: A look inside David Chang's secret Momofuku test kitchen. Hint: Deliciousness ensues.

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