Grandfather accused of abuse in Seattle murder-suicide

11-year-old victim blogged about alleged abuse just hours before fatal shooting.

This is a horrifying story out of Seattle... In Ranier Beach, a 78-year-old man accused of sexual abuse fatally shot his adult daughter and 11-year-old granddaughter before turning the gun on himself.

Child's blog details abuse from suspected shooter in 'horrific' murder-suicide

39-year-old Christine Dela Isla and her daughter Anahlia Cowherd were shot and killed by Honorario Yango in their home Monday night after he was confronted about allegedly sexually abusing the 11-year-old girl. His 10-year-old grandson managed to run out of the house and call 911.

Anahlia had apparently been reaching out for help and complaining about her grandfather's abuse on her blog for some time. Her final entry was posted just hours before her death.

"When I Googled my daughter's name, the blog popped up," the father, Terrell Cowherd, said. "The only conclusion I can come to is that she must have actually got to the point where she was about to call police, and I guess that was his way of preventing her from doing so."

Terrell Cowherd believes what his daughter wrote is the horrible truth. She wrote “I’m Anahlia Cowherd … and I’m gonna bring justice to all girls who have been touched.”

A blog post written by Anahlia, who was a fifth-grader at Aki Kurose Middle School, just hours earlier details fears of her grandfather.

“He threatened me … He actually threatened to KILL my family ... I’m so scared," she wrote.

In other posts, Anahlia detailed years of sexual abuse at the hands of her grandfather. She wrote “My mom said the next f------ time he does this she’s gonna call the police."

Really fucking horrible.

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