Hari Kondabolu's Great Redskins Compromise

"The Redskins' tradition is only 81 years old. That's like one grandparent. One racist grandparent."

As a general rule, whenever Hari Kondabolu turns to the camera and says, "Hello, I'm comedian Hari Kondabolu..." you should definitely sit up and listen, because he's about to drop some knowledge. In this awesome Upworthy video, Hari discusses the unfortunate name of the Washington Football Team, and offers his solution for a compromise. Literal red skin. Take a look:

"You can keep the name "Redskins" if you agree to change the logo to a severely sunburned white person."

Justice! By way of sunburn. You've heard the call, good people of the internet. It's your turn. Go make your own severely sunburned white person logos and tweet them to the @Redskins with the hashtag #NewRedskinsLogo.

Hari and Co. will post the logos on newredskinslogo.tumblr.com.

Start tweeting your submissions today! Because as Hari says, it doesn't matter how old your "tradition" is. If enough people tell you that it's hurting them, maybe you should re-evaluate your choices.

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