Jeremy Lin goes undercover as Adidas store employee

Taipei customers can't believe it's Jeremy under that righteous wig.

We all know that Jeremy Lin is a bit of a prankster. From dunking on his mom to pretending to be a wax statue, your favorite Asian American point guard has demonstrated a certain gleeful knack for getting his prank on with fans and family members alike. And it's always fun to see him poking fun at his own celebrity status.

In his latest video, Jeremy pulls some prank shenanigans in Taiwan, sporting a righteous wig and posing as an employee at a Taipei Adidas store (he is a spokesman, after all). Watch as he interacts with several unsuspecting customers who appear to have no idea that a NBA star is trying to sell them athletic wear.

It's all in Mandarin, but if you click on the closed captioning button (CC) you'll get the English subtitles:

Hilarious. I love the customer who doesn't believe that he's Jeremy Lin. All in a day's work.

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