This is not Steve Aoki. Everybody just thinks he is.

What happens when an Asian dude with long hair and a beard walks around a music festival.

What happens when an Asian dude rocking some long hair, a beard and sunglasses walks around a music festival? He gets mistaken for Steve Aoki. A lot.

Jarrad Seng is a photographer who works in the music industry. He is Asian and rocks long hair, and thus has been mistaken for popular electronic musician Steve Aoki on a regular basis for the past five years. On the street, at festivals, in bars, etc. So he affixed a beard to his face and brought a camera along to see what happened while he walked around the Australian music festival Stereosonic, where Aoki was headlining.

This funny video chronicles one man's three-hour walk ... as fake Steve Aoki:

My favorite part is when people mistake Jarrad for Steve Aoki while actual Steve Aoki is performing up on stage. That is the powerful sight of a long-haired, bearded Asian dude. You must be Steve Aoki.

Jarrad notes that he feels a bit bad about the "hundreds of selfies" he took with people who thought he was Steve. So... if you were at Stereosonic in Perth, and you were one of the many happy festivalgoers who took a photo with "Steve Aoki," Jarrad says sorry. "I owe you guys a beer or two."

See more of Jarrad Seng's work at his website.

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