Aziz Ansari unleashes Twitter fury on Rupert Murdoch

It's all #RupertsFault.

You may have seen News Corp CEO Rupert Murdoch's ridiculous, now-infamous tweet about holding all Muslim people responsible for a "growing jihadist cancer." Aziz Ansari sure saw it.

On Sunday night, the popular Indian American comedian -- who comes from a Muslim family -- took a moment to take Murdoch to task with a tirade of tweets of his own. It was gleefully vicious, in turn mockingly holding Murdoch responsible for egregious crimes committed in the name of Christianity.

With 4.93 million Twitter followers, Ansari set off a wave of tweets from scores of other users who got in on mocking Murdoch, and got the hashtag #RupertsFault trending in the United States.

When in doubt, blame Rupert Murdoch.

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