Family Reunion: A Storytelling Show

Presented by Disoriented Comedy, Thursday, January 22 at Echoes Under Sunset

Hey, Los Angeles! It's story time again! We're all getting together for another Family Reunion! Disoriented Comedy presents the latest edition of its monthly storytelling show, co-presented by Angry Asian Man, Tuesday Night Project, Mishthi Music and KAYA Press. No notes. Everyday folks. Talkin' story. It's a good time.

This month's theme is "Parents Just Don't Understand," and features storytellers Aiko Tanaka, Robert Tran, Raja Michael, Ranjan Dharni, Kirsten De Leon, John Falchi, Zoe Rogers, Nahreen Tarzi and host D'Lo. It's happening Thursday, January 22 at Echoes Under Sunset.

Here are some more details about the show:

FAMILY REUNION: A Storytelling Show

Echoes Under Sunset
1310 Glendale Blvd
Los Angeles, CA

Tickets $10 (cash preferred) or Auntie's Best Dish.
Pre-sale tickets $10 until 12noon, Thurs. 1/22

Full bar available. Street Parking

No notes. Everyday folks. Talking story.
Theme of the next show: PARENTS JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND

Family Members:
+ AIKO TANAKA. comic. comedy store. plaid-shirt wearer.
+ ROBERT TRAN. comic. orange county-er. opinion-haver.
+ RAJA MICHAEL. comic. lover of tupperware.
+ RAJAN DHARNI. comic. impro(vs)tandup. d'lo's ex-roommate.
+ KIRSTEN DE LEON. improviser. ioWest. Bay Area native.
+ JOHN FALCHI. playwright. actor. editor of tv stuff.
+ ZOE ROGERS. comic. karmic comedy. mom of all things mommy.
+ NAHREEN TARZI. comic. former george lopez and arsenio hall show staffer. singer of makeemup songs.
+ HOST: D'LO. writer. actor. comedian. all things amazing.

These Family Reunion have been really fun, with great energy all around. Thank you to everyone who has attended and participated in a show. They're only getting better in the new year! Hope to see you there.

For further details about Family Reunion, check out the Facebook event. o purchase tickets, go here.

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