Fund This: Super Sikh

Meet turbaned comic book hero Secret Agent Deep Singh.

This is a cool project that could use your support... Super Sikh, by Eileen Alden, Supreet Singh Manchanda and illustrator Amit Tayal, is a kids comic book that follows the adventures of a modern hero in a turban, Secret Agent Deep Singh. In these times, when Sikhs are too often misunderstood, the creators thought it was about time young comic book readers got to see a Sikh superhero. Thus, Super Sikh!

This video's got all the information:

Here are some more details about the concept:

Have you ever asked yourself why there are no Sikh superheroes? Isn't it time to see a hero in a turban for a change?

For centuries, Sikhs have stood for equality, justice, and righteous living. Sikhism is the 5th largest religion, with more than 20 million followers, and is not connected to Islamic extremism.

But we live in modern times, where Sikhs are often misunderstood, the subject of stereotyping and hate crimes. In the U.S., for example, Sikh kids are bullied more than twice the national average.

So who do our kids look up to?

Batman? Spiderman? Ironman?

These are all characters imagined by mainstream American comic book writers, many of them created over 50 years ago.

We asked the question. The answer?

A hero is not defined by the way a person looks, but by a person's actions.

So we realized that now is the time to show the world a modern hero in a turban. It's time for a Super Sikh!

Empowered by this idea, we created a story about a Secret Agent named Deep Singh, who loves Elvis and hates bad guys.

Here's some character concept art. Guy looks like cool dude:

They're currently raising money through Kickstarter to create and publish 1000 full-color 22-page copies issue #1. The good news is that they've already raised well over the initial $5000 goal. Your contribution will help them reach the stretch goal to produce the next installments of the series.

For further information about Super Sikh, and to make a donation, head over to Kickstarter.

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