'In Tokens & Charms' by Prateek Kuhad

Debut full-length studio album from Indian singer/songwriter.

I recently got turned on to the music of Delhi-based multi-lingual indie singer/songwriter Prateek Kuhad, who makes wonderfully warm and soulful folksy pop rock. He just released his debut full-length studio album In Tokens & Charms, and it's pretty darn marvelous. The ten-track album is a thoughtful, inviting conversation about youth, love and liberation. You're gonna love it.

Here's a preview of the whole album:

And again, here's the music video for "Oh Love":

Good stuff. In Tokens & Charms is available from iTunes and Amazon. For more information about Prateek Kuhad and his music, visit his website and follow updates on Facebook and SoundCloud.

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