Sound and Fury Podcast Episode 17: Aaron Takahashi

Hello, podcast listeners! We're back with the latest edition of the Sound and Fury podcast. Episode 17 features actor Aaron Takahashi, the Asian American everyman who's been in dozens of commercials, and appears in the new movie The Wedding Ringer. You might recognize him as that guy from that thing.

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And now, here's my conversation with Aaron Takahashi:

Episode 17: Aaron Takahashi

In episode seventeen, I talk to actor Aaron Takahashi about his career as a prolific commercial actor, awkward red carpet moments, and getting recognized as that guy from that thing.

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Some notes about this episode:

Big thanks to Aaron for sitting down with us to chat. Special thanks goes to Sabzi for providing the music in this episode. And as always, huge thanks to all of you for listening. If you like the show, please share it and tell your friends. To stay on top of future episodes and updates, be sure to subscribe. Stay Angry.

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