Hindu temple vandalized with hate graffiti

Swastika found spray-painted on the side of the Hindu Temple Cultural Center in Bothell, Washington.

What the hell, people? This is some upsetting news out of the Seattle area, where a local Hindu place of worship in Bothell was targeted and vandalized over the weekend with racist, threatening graffiti.

Hindu center vandalized with hate speech

One day before their celebration of the Great Night of Shiva, members of the Hindu Temple Cultural Center discovered a red swastika and the words "GET OUT" spray painted on the side of their building:

Leaders from the temple discovered the graffiti on the side of their building Sunday morning. The Snohomish County Sheriff's Department is investigating this case as malicious harassment.

This week, Hindus around the world will celebrate The Great Night of Shiva, a god they believe brings purification. An event someone tried to taint just outside the temple doors, scrawling a swastika and the words "Get Out" on the side.

"Somebody did that because they are upset, offended or maybe they don't like this big temple," said Nit Niranjan, the Hindu Temple Cultural Center Chair. "It's amazing that someone would use our own symbol in reverse and put something like that out like this is their country. I thought we were living in America."

This is apparently the second time the temple has been tagged with hateful graffiti. Anyone with information about this incident is asked to call the Snohomish County Sheriff's Department at 425-388-3393.

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