Racist Asian-themed drag party draws fire on Facebook

Geishas Gone Wild in New York City

What is this? File under racist Asian-themed parties... Yo, why can't people throw social gatherings without turning to tired, racist, orientalist stereotypes? One look at the geishas-gone-wild flyer for this Holy Mountain drag party happening in New York this weekend, and you've pretty much got all you need to know.

The party, organized by New York City nightlife personality who goes by "Ladyfag," is supposedly a tribute to the Sakura Matsuri and a "celebration" of Japanese culture... but I'm guessing the affair will likely amount to a lot of intoxicated white people dressed as half-assed ninjas and geishas and shit.

The party started drawing negative attention on Facebook, where commenters called out the racist imagery of the flyer. Critics quickly saw their comments deleted, users got blocked, and the Facebook event was re-set to private and invite-only. The event is still apparently scheduled for this Saturday night.

And yes, partygoers are being encouraged to dress up in their "most fabulous interpretations celebrating the beauty of cherry blossoms and Japanese culture." Sigh. Hipster racism run amok. Yet again.

(Thanks, Erika and Bertie.)

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