Ernie Reyes Jr. is fighting for his life

Veteran actor/martial artist is suffering from kidney failure and needs your help.

Ernie Reyes Jr. needs your help. I recently learned that the 43-year-old actor and martial artist, who you may remember as a kid in movies like The Last Dragon or the television show Sidekicks, or in more recent fare like The Rundown and NCIS: Los Angeles, is suffering from kidney failure and fighting for his life.

Ernie is currently undergoing dialysis treatment three times a week for four hours a day while waiting for a kidney transplant. As you can imagine, this has been challenging for him and his family. His sister Destiny Reyes has started a GoFundMe campaign for his kidney transplant fund.

You may know or remember Ernie as a child in Last Dragon and Sidekicks, or as that teenager from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. You may also remember him from The Rundown with "The Rock" or even his most recent star appearance on NCIS: Los Angeles. My brother has spent his entire childhood and adult life fighting in films and television, but now his battle has gone from the screen to reality, fighting for his life.

Regardless of where you have seen or heard of Ernie Reyes Jr., he has impacted peoples' lives all over the world through his extraordinary performances in television and film. Please be aware that he needs support during this time of need and recovery of his life.

The campaign has set a goal of $75,000, but I'm sure they'd appreciate anything you can give.

For more information, and to pitch in to help out Ernie, go here.

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