Get Your Geisha On at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Museum-goers invited to do their best impression of Monet's "La Japonaise."

People of Boston, what better way to spend a Wednesday night than with some orientalist cultural appropriation! Plus, ya know, photos. So get this. The Museum of Fine Arts recently invited museum-goers to get their geisha on, à la Claude Monet. Every Wednesday night through the end of July, you're welcome to try on a replica of the kimono worn by Monet's wife, Camille, in his painting "La Japonaise."

Somebody call Katy Perry.

Channel your inner Camille #Monet and try on a replica of the kimono she's wearing in "La Japonaise." Every Wednesday night June 24-July 29, one of our College Ambassadors will be on hand to assist in transforming you into Monet's muse. Share your photos using #mfaBoston!

You too can dress up like a white lady dressing up like a Japanese lady! Because cultural cosplay is fun. Camille did it, and so can you.

So... if you start seeing a bunch of Facebook or Instagram photos of your white friends decked out in this red kimono, looking all exotic and shit, you know what's up. It's just Wednesday night at the MFA.

More here: Stand Against Yellow-Face @ the MFA


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